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Uruguay: Wiretapping Scandal Hangs Over Government

  • Both President Lacalle Pou and Vice President Argimón denies government wiretapping

    Both President Lacalle Pou and Vice President Argimón denies government wiretapping | Photo: Xinhua/Nicolas Celaya

Published 24 June 2020

Vice-president Argimon indirectly admitted that in Uruguay everything is known and recorded.

A political scandal arose in Uruguay, as the left-wing Broad Front (FA) political party denounced Wednesday an allegedly illegal telephone tapping conducted by the actual government's upper echelons.


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The FA filled a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office after a Vice President Beatriz Argimon leaked private conversation suggested that wiretaps had been the subject of government use.

The complaint seeks to investigate "wiretapping and extortion of government officials on a daily basis," as stated.

The scandal erupted after an audio recording of a private conversation between Vice President Argimon and a Public Relations officer was released, warning her that "everything is known, everything is recorded."

"Complaint filed to the Prosecutor's Office by the Broad Front."

The complaint came after the coalition requested the Vice-President for explanations, but she was not able to give a convincing one, as declared by the political party.

They alleged that Argimon put into risk " several country's fundamental democratic functioning aspects."

While she said that "there's is no such thing as official eavesdropping but saying that anyone can listen to my speakerphone calls or it can be hacked, for example. Nothing else."

Meanwhile, Uruguay President Luis Lacalle Pou backed her by stressing that the whole situation was "nonsense, something like that doesn't fit in democracy."

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