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Uruguay: The Broad Front Leads the Montevideo Elections Polls

  • Broad Front candidate Carolina Cosse, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2020.

    Broad Front candidate Carolina Cosse, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @mateoteleSUR

Published 24 September 2020

The leftist candidate called on the people of Montevideo to unite to stop the loss of social rights prompted by the right-wing Lacalle administration.

Less than a week before the departmental elections in Uruguay, two public opinion companies predict the victory of Carolina Cosse, the leftist Broad Front (FA) party's candidate for mayor of Montevideo, a city that concentrates 53 percent of the country's population.


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According to the pollster Cifra, 53 percent of citizens will vote for the left-wing candidate and 39 percent for the Multicolor Coalition candidate Laura Raffo, who is linked to the elites closest to the right-wing President Luis Lacalle.

For the polling company Equipos, the intention to vote in favor of Cosse is 54 percent and 40 percent in favor of Raffo, with a margin of error of 4 percent.

"Seen in historical perspective, these results should not sound strange... the Broad Front had a vote close to 50 percent in the country's capital," Equipos director Ignacio Zuasnabar said.

If the Uruguayans confirm their intention to vote in favor of Cosse, the Broad Front will remain in the government of Montevideo for 30 consecutive years.

"I will not be a mayor from the desk. I will work with the municipalities, the neighborhoods, the university, and the workers," Cosse vowed.

She also invited those who did not vote for the Broad Front in the 2019 presidential elections to join in a collective effort to stop the loss of social rights prompted by Lacalle and his neoliberal policies.

"They are living this backward path that seems implacable but that is not irresistible. We have to resist and advance," said Cosse, as reported by local outlet Montevideo Portal.

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