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    Uruguay's Defense Minister Bayardi and General Feola shake hands after Feola's designation as new Commanding General of the Uruguayan Army. | Photo: Reuters

Published 15 April 2019

The Broad Front party (FA) recently approved a 2020-2025 program aimed to eradicate the National Security Doctrine in the Armed Forces. 

The Broad Front (FA) approved its 2020-2025 election program for the country that includes a reform of the defense system. 

Controversy Around Uruguay Army Role in Dictatorship Continues

In an interview with the newspaper Caras y Caretas, member of the Special Commission of Defense of the Broad Front Eduardo Alonzo and the president of that commission Gustavo Scaron, spoke of the details of the reform about the National Security Doctrine.

"The conception of the National Security Doctrine was elaborated by the U.S. during the Cold War and was adopted by the armies of Latin America. The Doctrine continues to contaminate both the formation and the military conceptions, said the member of the Special Commission of Defense of the FA," Eduardo Alonzo and Gustavo Scaron told to the newspaper Caras y Caretas. 

According to the two officials, reforms are aimed to eradicate the National Security Doctrine definitively from the Armed Forces through a series of concrete tools. 

Reform proposals are articulating around the civil world, education, human rights issues and public services.

Gustavo Scaron said in the interview that the reforms would try to deepen the complementarity between the public education system and the military education system. They also aim to reconcile the civil sphere and the military sphere in the country

Scaron also explained that this is the first time the parliament is going to deal with defense issues.

The Broad Front party also proposed to replace the military assistance agreement between Uruguay and the United States from 1953.

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