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Uruguayans Choose Presidential Candidates for Next Elections

  • Daniel Martinez for the left-wing Broad Front is leading as the presidential candidate for his party.

    Daniel Martinez for the left-wing Broad Front is leading as the presidential candidate for his party. | Photo: Broad Front

Published 30 June 2019

A total of 2.678.031 citizens are compelled to the 7.066 voting centers of the country. Voting is not compulsory in Uruguay.

Uruguayan voters selected on Sunday the candidates for right-wing Colorado and National parties, as well as the left-wing Broad Front in preparation for the coming presidential elections due on Oct. 27.

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This year, Uruguay has seen a record number of registered candidates and parties, since 1999 when political parties started running open primary elections for the presidential bid. 28 pre-candidates from 15 parties have been registered by the Electoral Court. 

The primary elections started at 8:00 am, local time and the 2,678,031 citizens eligible to vote in the 7,066 tables distributed in polling stations throughout the country, will have until 19:30 pm to cast their decision. Voting is not compulsory in the Latin American nation.

In addition to the candidate for each party, voters will be electing representatives of national and regional conventions, up to three for each department.

According to a Factum opinion poll released by the newspaper El Clarin, Luis Lacalle Pou is leading for the National Party, Daniel Martinez for the Broad Front, and Julio Maria Sanguinetti for the Colorado Party.

The Broad Front has been winning the national elections for the past 15 years, after decades of conservative rule oscillating between the National and Colorado parties. The only woman candidate running for the presidential elections is the current Minister of Industry, Carolina Cosse, under the banner of the governing left-wing coalition.

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