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Uruguay Orders a Discretionary Suspension of On-Site Classes

  • A woman attends a vaccination center in Montevideo, Uruguay, March 14, 2021.

    A woman attends a vaccination center in Montevideo, Uruguay, March 14, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 17 March 2021

About 2.5 percent of new COVID-19 infections in this country occur in educational centers.

Uruguay's President Luis Lacalle Tuesday announced new measures to contain the spread of the pandemic, including a suspension to on-site classes in middle and high school institutions.


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Local governments can suspend the classes with previous authorization of the National Administration of Public Education and the Health Ministry. 

Although cafeteria services will remain open in schools, Lacalle urged to limit attendance in the cases of practices and laboratory activities.

Classes will be suspended immediately in the Rivera municipality due to the high number of COVID-19 infections.

The capacity for interdepartmental transportation is reduced to 50 percent. It is also mandatory the closure of locker rooms in clubs and gyms.

Besides the arrival of 51,000 COVID-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer-BioNtech on Wednesday, Lacalle confirmed a batch of 1.5 million Sinovac doses.

The vaccination campaign for people over 80 years of age will start on March 22. So far, education workers, police, firemen, military, customs personnel at borders, and people on chronic dialysis have been immunized. 


Luis Lacalle
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