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Uruguay: Judge Repeals House Arrest of Colonel Vazquez

  • Retired Colonel Gilberto Vazquez (C), Uruguay

    Retired Colonel Gilberto Vazquez (C), Uruguay | Photo: Twitter/ @mateoteleSUR

Published 24 December 2020

He confessed to having committed crimes against humanity during the military dictatorship (1973-1985).

Uruguay's Judge Dahiana Da Costa Thursday decided to revoke the house arrest granted to retired colonel Gilberto Vazquez who committed crimes against humanity during the country's dictatorship rule (1973-1985).


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Ordering Vazquez to "immediately" return to prison, Da Costa took the decision after a medical evaluation ruled out the presence of uncontrolled neurological disease. 

Psychiatric physician Gabriel Barreiro noted that he does not have "an alienating psychiatric illness" while adding that "no clinical elements suggest that this pathology prevents him from freely determining his own identity". 

In August, a report by a Medical Board of the Forensic Institute also highlighted that Vazquez could be returned to prison "with the necessary medical and specialist care, as well as all the indicated prescriptions."

His house arrest was approved in 2016 after his defense team voiced "humanitarian reasons" related to his health condition. The petition was supported by Prosecutor Ricardo Perciballe who presented a document requesting a modification of the imprisonment sentence. 

In 2006, Vazquez was arrested after having confessed acts of torture and enforced disappearance of detainees during the country's dictatorship. 

In addition to a 25-year imprisonment sentence for 28 cases of aggravated homicide under the Condor Plan, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the kidnapping and disappearance of Maria Garcia.

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