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Uruguay Doesn't Support Sanctions Against Russia

  • Workers milk cows in a farm, Uruguay.

    Workers milk cows in a farm, Uruguay. | Photo: Twitter/ @patriagrandeuy2

Published 26 April 2022

Uruguayan Ambassador to Russia Daniel Castillos said that his country did not support any sanctions against Moscow and assured that it intends to strengthen trade between the two countries, local press reported Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Uruguayan Ambassador to Russia Daniel Castillos said his country does not support any U.S. and European economic sanctions against Moscow and expressed willingness to strengthen bilateral trade and diplomatic relations.


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"Despite the current situation and some criticism and votes against the Special Military Operation (in Ukraine), Uruguay has not imposed and does not support any kind of economic or financial sanctions towards Russia" and "maintains the interest of strengthening trade and maintaining the already existing good relations", said Castillo, reported Grupo Multimedio.

Castillo's statement was made during the seminar "New Opportunities for Exports to Russia from Latin American and Caribbean countries," held in Moscow by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian National Committee for Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries.

Castillo expressed that one of the objectives of the Uruguayan Embassy "is to solve the problems caused by the sanctions for the exports already made (in sea transit or in European ports), but a long-term objective is to recover the trade that may be lost this year or to consolidate new trade flows."

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