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  • Bolivia condemns Israeli assault on Gaza
Published 10 July 2014

Bolivia has condemned the Israeli offensive on Gaza and called on Tel Aviv to cease hostilities, said the country's state news agency ABI.

The Bolivian foreign ministry called on the international community to intervene to stop “the genocide” and stressed Israel “should respect and comply with international agreements and treaties”.

Israel is waging a military campaign against Gaza that has so far killed at least 90 Palestinians, including children, and injured more than 500.

The statement of the ministry urged the international community “to investigate and punish the crimes committed by Israel in this region, in the framework of international law, human rights and international humanitarian law”.

Bolivia joins a long list of countries and rights groups who have decried the most recent attacks on Gaza. In 2009, the country broke diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv over Israel's Gaza attack of that year, which left more than 1400 Palestinians dead.

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