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University of Brasilia Launches 'The Coup of 2016' Course

  • Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

    Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 February 2018

Students taking the course will also discuss issues related to the infamous 'Car Wash' corruption scandal, as well as the ascension of 'parafascism.'

The University of Brasilia is offering a new course entitled 'The Coup of 2016 and the future of Democracy in Brazil,' analyzing the "democratic rupture" encapsulated in the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff, and the "agenda of setbacks" imposed by the government of Michel Temer.

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Students taking the undergaduate political science course will also discuss the infamous 'Car Wash' corruption scandal, as well as the ascension of 'parafascism' sweeping the country, according to Revista Forum.

Taught by Professor Luis Felipe Miguel, the course addressed three main topics: "To understand the fragile elements of the Brazilian political system, which permited the democratic rupture of May and August 2016 with the deposition of President Dilma Rousseff; analyze the government headed by Michel Temer and investigate what his agenda of setbacks on rights and restrictions on liberties say about the relationship between social inequalities and the political system in Brazil; and to scrutinize the development of the ongoing crisis and the possibilities of strengthening the popular resistence and the re-establishment of the rule of law and political democracy in Brazil.

The course will begin with an overview of the historical political and social climate, which led to the military coup in 1964, as well as redemocratization in 1984 and continuing to the new constitution in 1988.

'The Coup of 2016' is a mandatory course for students in the political science bachelor degree program, but it is also open to students in other disciplines.

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