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Ukraine Contracts Agreement With UK

  • Ukraine strikes deal with UK. Jan. 28, 2022.

    Ukraine strikes deal with UK. Jan. 28, 2022. | Photo: @UKUN_NewYork

Published 28 January 2022

The UK has allocated funds to Ukraine to strengthen its naval infrastructure amidst tensions with Russia.

More than $2 billion in funds have been allocated to construct missile boats and modernize the current Ukrainian fleet through an agreement carried out by Ukraine and the UK in the middle of growing tensions with Russia.       


Ukraine Is Used as Geopolitical Tool By The United States

The contract was approved by the parliament of Ukraine, with 275 parliamentarians voting for the move. 

The deal guarantees UK support to the Eastern European country in terms of loans not exceeding £1.7 billion, i.e., almost $2.3 billion US dollars.

Alexander Polishchuk, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister, said that the agreement stands for purchasing and joint production of two mine hunters as part of investment projects.  

Ben Wallace, UK Defense Secretary, and his counterpart from Ukraine, Aleksey Reznikov, expressed the desire of both governments not to engage in confrontation with the Russian Federation. 

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