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  • Nicolas Maduro referred to the Venezuelan opposition conspiring against the government as

    Nicolas Maduro referred to the Venezuelan opposition conspiring against the government as 'pro-Gringo' during Thursday's televised speech. | Photo: AVN

Published 19 February 2015

In a national address, the Venezuelan president once again said Washington is behind coup attempts, economic war against the country.

On Thursday evening, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave a televised speech once again signaling U.S. involvement in destabilization attempts against his government, including a foiled coup plot revealed last week.

Maduro also called for all sectors of society to prepare for all and any scenarios consequence of U.S. aggression and defended the Venezuelan economy and the country's ability to sustain social programs, despite dropping oil prices.

The communique released by El Nacional (newspaper) calling Venezuelans, is a coup attempt

The U.S. Department of State responded to the Venezuelan government’s allegations Thursday, calling them “baseless” and “false.”

"The United States does not support political transitions by non-constitutional means," read the statement from Department Spokesperson, Jen Psaki.

The United States government has supported numerous coup’s in the region, including the 2002 coup in Venezuela and the 2009 coup in Honduras. The government of Barack Obama is also currently looking to train “moderate” rebels to oust the government in Syria.

Maduro emphasized that the South American country has fended off violent attacks directed against people and state institutions. "Everyday they are looking to hurt our country...But they have not stopped us. They will never stop us," Maduro said.

Despite the hostilities directed at the South American country, including sanctions, the Venezuelan leader continued to call for peace with Washington as well as his domestic foes. "I am a militant of peace. I believe in peace as a way to build justice, a new society."

I continue to call for peace, do not allow yourselves to be provoked. 

Venezuelan officials uncovered a plan to exploit the one year anniversary of violent, opposition-led protests, turning the anticipated demonstrations into chaos through bombings and assassinations. The plans were thwarted by loyal military officials who refused to turn on the government, and the detained officials have signaled various opposition figures as being involved in the plot.

Also on Thursday, the Bolivarian Intelligence Service arrested the Mayor of Metropolitan Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, who had been implicated in the plans and had released – along with opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado – a “Transitional Program” the day before the coup was to take place.

Those behind these coup attempts should pay justice with prison time. 

The opposition’s manifesto seeks to privatize Pdvsa, to remove public powers. 

Maduro also warned business leaders in the country to cease their economic war, or leave their businesses to the people of Venezuela.

"Turn your company in to the workers who want to work....We are Venezuelans, our plan is to live on this land forever. Our destiny is to work on this land. Abandon your economic war," the leader stated.

​Aside from the economic impact of dramatic drop of oil prices in recent months, Venezuela has seen significant shortages, largely due to hoarding and speculation.

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