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'US Treasury Is A Jail Warden' Iranian Foreign Minister Says

  • Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at a news conference in Moscow, Russia, September 2, 2019.

    Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at a news conference in Moscow, Russia, September 2, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 5 September 2019

The Trump administration imposed new unilateral sanctions on the Iranian oil distribution network.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif rejected on Thursday the new wave of economic sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump on the Iranian oil distribution network and qualified the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of being a "jail warden."


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"OFAC is nothing more than a JAIL WARDEN: Ask for reprieve (waiver), get thrown in solitary for the audacity. Ask again and you might end up in the gallows," Zarif tweeted.

“The only way to mitigate U.S. economic terrorism (sanctions) is to decide to finally free yourself from the hangman’s noose.”

These statements were made a day after the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned shipping managers, vessels and other oil distributors which had allowed Iran to send its oil to Syria.

Within the framework of this pressure against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the U.S. is trying to seize the "Adrian Darya 1" vessel, a big oil tanker which is currently sailing off the Syrian coast after it was released by the United Kingdom a few weeks ago.

For his part, the Persian Revolutionary Guard commander in chief, Hossein Salami, said on Thursday that the U.S. goverment knows that Iranian military and security power is "impenetrable and invincible."

"They know only a small part of the reality of our defense capacity" Salami warned and added that his country's strategy is to "overcome arrogant powers."

On April, the U.S. government declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a "terrorist group" and accused it of supporting the Syrian government and groups such as Hezbollah or Hamas.

Since last year, when Trump pulled out the U.S. from a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and reimposed sanctions on Tehran, Washington has also been intensifiying its "maximum pressure" campaign aimed at eliminating Iran's oil exports, its main source of income.

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