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US Places Sanctions on Cuba's Minister & Ministry of Interior

  • The United States announces unsubstantiated sanctions against the Ministry of Interior in Cuba.

    The United States announces unsubstantiated sanctions against the Ministry of Interior in Cuba. | Photo: Twitter/@manolitoweb

Published 16 January 2021

The Administration of outgoing President Donald Trump announced this Friday sanctions against the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (Minint), one more of the unilateral measures adopted against the island recently.

Without presenting any evidence, the pretext for this action is the alleged responsibility of the minister of that ministry, General Lázaro Álvarez Casas, in alleged violations of human rights, a pretext that the US government repeatedly uses to justify its actions against countries that do not surrender to its dictates.


Terrorism Against Cuba Insitgated from Abroad

According to an official statement by the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the measure is adopted in accordance with Executive Order 13818, which implements the Global Accountability for Human Rights, one of the legislations that Washington uses to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

The text reiterates similar accusations to those outlined in recent years, and points out that the Minint is designated as being responsible for, complicit in, or participating directly or indirectly in alleged human rights abuses.

Among other justifications for sanctioning the Minint, Pompeo's statement notes that the Cuban government is holding at least 100 prisoners who, according to that federal agency, are in jail for political reasons.

On repeated occasions, the authorities of the Caribbean nation have rejected this category, since in reality they are individuals who violated Cuban law through criminal actions of various kinds.

"The New York Times: Trump's tireless effort to impose restrictions on #Cuba #NoMoreBlock"

Finally, the Secretary of State calls on other governments and international organizations to comply with Washington's demands and to support these unilateral sanctions, which are in addition to those that the White House has maintained against Cuba for more than six decades.

The unjustified and unilateral measure against the Minint adds to the announcement made this week by Pompeo about the re-inclusion of Cuba in the list of nations that according to Washington sponsor terrorism, a provision that experts describe as unilateral, spurious and politically motivated.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called the decision one of "the last throws of a failed and corrupt administration committed to the Cuban-Miamese mafia."

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