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US Military Threat Against Iranian Tankers Posits a Global Risk

  • U.S. military ship sailing through international waters, 2020.

    U.S. military ship sailing through international waters, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @allawatis

Published 23 May 2020

Any U.S. military action in the Caribbean sea could trigger conflicts in other regions of the world.

The U.S. Peace Council Saturday warned that the U.S military threat against Iranian tankers approaching Venezuela is an “act of international piracy”, which could easily escalate into a multinational war.


Let the Oil Tankers Arrive in Venezuela, Iran's President Warns

This independent NGO requested that President Trump’s administration puts an end to its violations of the United Nations Charter immediately.

“Iran’s daring decision to dispatch five oil tankers carrying the much-needed fuel for the struggling people of Venezuela is a definitive challenge to U.S. government’s illegal policy of unilateral economic sanctions and its naval blockade of Venezuela,” the U.S. Peace Council state.

“Iran’s action has created a decisive test of the Trump administration’s willingness to continue its violations of international law and the UN Charter by taking military action against Iranian tankers.”

The peace activists also stressed that any eventual U.S. Military action could trigger conflicts in which other states of the world could be forced to intervene.​​​​​​​

“A military action against these tankers… could lead to military confrontations not only with the Venezuelan armed forces who are planning to escort these tankers in Venezuelan waters but also in the Middle East,” the U.S. Peace Council pointed out.

“It would also lead to increasing tensions with Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry has already warned against any U.S. actions to block the Iranian tankers.”

Despite the dire consequences that his actions might trigger, the U.S. President boasted of the harassment that his administration is implementing against Venezuela.

On Wednesday, during a phone call with his Latin American allies, Trump said that the U.S. has Venezuela “surrounded, it’s surrounded at a level that nobody even knows, but they know. We are watching to see what happens, "as The Nation reported.​​​​​​​

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