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  • President Ortega during a press conference in Managua

    President Ortega during a press conference in Managua | Photo: EFE

Published 2 July 2016

Nicaraguan President Ortega says more collaboration needed to thwart US intervention in the region

Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua said Central America is living at a time of interventionist and imperialist policies from the US, which threatens peace in the region.

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Ortega was unable to attend the presidential summit of the Central American Integration System (SICA) in Roatan, Honduras, where he was named the organization´s president. But through his adviser for international affairs, Denis Moncada, he delivered a strongly-worded message to his counterparts in SICA, which seeks to coordinate economic and political development in the region. 

 "In Central America, our SICA lives in difficult times, similar to those lived throughout the continent. Times in which understanding is difficult. Times when other voices, that are not their own, intend to prevail at the expense of the interests of our people," said Ortega.

Imperialist forces in the US, Ortega said, has set its sights on Brazil, Paraguay, and crucially at the moment, Venezuela.

"We want to highlight the strong solidarity of the Nicaraguan people and our government, with the people of Venezuela, our brothers, its constitutional government, and with our dear comrade President Nicolas Maduro. . . " Ortega said..

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He also proposed that SICA collaborate to reach ¨"very simple, very practical¨" agreements on the wide range of issues that impact the prosperity of the region. 

“Let's seek together better times, with work, peace, security, and be open to development with justice, solidarity, and open to understanding and advancing to searching our rights," said Ortega.

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