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US: Danny Glover Endorses Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

  • Danny Glover, 73, is a U.S. activist and an actor.

    Danny Glover, 73, is a U.S. activist and an actor. | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 June 2019

“This campaign is about love, compassion, and justice,” actor, and activist Danny Glover said of Sanders' presidential campaign.

United States Senator Bernie Sanders seconded the words of actor-activist Danny Glover Thursday, who at an event for the Democratic Party praised the presidential candidate’s campaign for its high morals and passion for lower classes

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During a luncheon hosted by the Democratic Party on June 13 in Aiken, South Carolina, Glover said, “This campaign is about love, compassion, and justice.”

From workers unions and universal healthcare to fair living wages and affordable higher education, Senator Sanders has been at the forefront, fighting to break the mold through civil movements and activism throughout his career.

As a 73-year-old baby boomer and a “child of the civil rights movement,” Glover has witnessed Sanders progress and appreciates the power policies can have over future generations.


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“In terms of our own acknowledgment, us as citizens of this country, us as citizens of our communities, us as citizens of the world, that we have an extraordinary responsibility and opportunity to extend our imagination of what’s possible.

“It is our responsibility to make America (the United States) what it can become. Not only for ourselves, but for the universe itself and for mother earth, and for all citizens. Bernie Sanders represents that. In our deepest heart, as we find ways in which we as citizens can come together. We have an opportunity to do this right now."

He continued by saying, "Only by reaching high can you transform this country; you cannot meddle around in the middle. … Our action is extremely necessary now,” the actor said, encouraging voters of all ages — particularly African American voters to educate themselves to prepare for the upcoming elections in 2020.

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