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US Blockade Hampers Our Country's Development: Cuban Citizens

  • Citizens walk down a boulevard, Camaguey, Cuba.

    Citizens walk down a boulevard, Camaguey, Cuba. | Photo: Twitter/ @RadioSantaCruz_

Published 10 November 2021

In July, President Biden threatened to impose more economic sanctions to Cuba unless there is a "regime change" in this Caribbean country. 

In an open letter published by the Cubadebate outlet on Wednesday, Cuban academics and entrepreneurs asked U.S. President Joe Biden to end the blockade against their country and normalize bilateral relations.


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"Mr. Biden, we ask you to listen to our demands. The coercive policies prompted by extremist Cubans-Americans politicians do not favor the well-being of our people," the signatories stated, recalling that respectful bilateral relations have proven to be beneficial for both nations.

Havana and Washington had a historic rapprochement in 2014 when the then Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama —whose Vice President was Biden— reestablished diplomatic, scientific, and cultural exchanges between their countries.

Although Obama did not succeed in getting the U.S. Congress to lift the blockade, the diplomatic thaw significantly favored the Cuban economy due to the arrival of hundreds of tourists, who contributed to the economic reactivation of hundreds of private small-businesses.

This opening, however, was quickly reversed by Donald Trump, who imposed 243 new economic sanctions on Cuba and a return to the coercion policy aimed at overthrowing the Cuban revolution.

"Many U.S. policies make their citizens believe that the blockade exclusively affects the Cuban government. The reality is different: it is our people who suffer the consequences of this unilateral policy," Cuban citizen Carlos Perez said.

In his election campaign, Biden promised to change Trump-era harsh policy toward this Caribbean nation. However, far from fulfilling his promise, he threatened to impose more economic sanctions unless there is a "regime change" in this country. 

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