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UPDATE: Venezuelan Ambassador Expelled from Ecuador

  • President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno

    President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno

Published 18 October 2018

The spat came about from recent statements on the number of Venezuelans in Ecuador.


The Venezuelan government have responded by REJECTING the Ecuadorean Ministry of External Relations and Human Mobility's expulsion of the Venezuelan Ambassador to Ecuador, Carol Delgado Arria. They have claimed the decision "goes against the history of sisterhood between the two Bolivarian countries."

Furthermore, the Venezuelan government have fired their Charge D'Affairs Carlos Ron.  


The Ecuadorian Ministry of External Relations and Human Mobility has announced the expulsion of the Venezuelan Ambassador to Ecuador Carol Delgado Arria for what he considered offensive comments made against Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno by Venezuelan Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez.


Over 9,000 Venezuelans Register for Maduro's Repatriation Plan

On Oct. 17, Jorge Rodriguez, made a statement to the press accusing the Ecuadorean president of not telling the truth about the number of Venezuelan migrants to Ecuador. At the U.N. General Assembly meeting last month President Moreno made a statement claiming that there are over 6,000 Venezuelans crossing into Ecuador on a daily basis, and that there are currently over 1 million Venezuelan citizens in the country.

Rodriguez explained that to achieve this dramatically high number "140 buses would have to have been leaving Venezuela every day for 7 years."

As a result of this expulsion, the official Ecuadorean statement on the matter made clear that Ecuador will continue to consult with its own chargé d'affaires in Venezuela to maintain diplomatic communications.

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