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UNHRC To Consider International Military Intervention In Haiti

  • Haitians walk down a street attacked by gangs.

    Haitians walk down a street attacked by gangs. | Photo: Twitter/ @miguela69054525

Published 28 March 2023

So far this year, the United Nations has registered at least 531 murders and 277 kidnappings by Haitian armed groups. 

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNRHC) will vote next week on a resolution to assist the fight of Haitian judicial and security forces against armed gangs, which partially control Port-au-Prince and other cities.


World Help To Haitian Police Is Insufficient To Fight Gangs: UN

Proposed by the Haitian government, the resolution acknowledges that the gangs’ control over national territory has caused violence, shortages of essential products, and inability to provide medical care.

“The Haitian government lacks the technical capacity or necessary resources to expel armed gangs from these territories and guarantee its citizens’ basic rights. Therefore, it has requested international assistance,” the Resolution reads.

The UNRHC will appoint an independent expert, who could be renewed in one year, to analyze the human rights situation before United Nations Human Rights Office (UNHRO) assists the Haitian security and justice forces.

The Resolution, which the UNRHC will vote on April 3 and 4, also urges the United Nations to respond to the Haitian request for an international military intervention to fight gangs directly.

So far this year, the UNHRO has registered at least 531 murders and 277 kidnappings by armed groups. This wave of violence has forced some 160,000 people to leave their homes.

Amid the prevailing crisis, on Tuesday, Haitian Police officer Lovensky Alphonse died of gunshot wounds after some of his colleagues mistakenly attacked him in an operation that sought to recover a hijacked vehicle.

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