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UNGA Recognizes President Nicolas Maduro's Representative

  • Venezuelan ambassador Samuel Moncada at the UN headquarters, New York, U.S., 2021.

    Venezuelan ambassador Samuel Moncada at the UN headquarters, New York, U.S., 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @webnotitarde

Published 7 December 2021

The decision of the United Nations General Assembly is a victory against the U.S. attempt to create a "Colonial State" by promoting former lawmaker Juan Guaido as "Interim president."

On Monday, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approved a resolution confirming the credentials of diplomats who are qualified to participate and represent their countries before this multilateral organization. Among them is Samuel Moncada, the permanent representative of the Venezuelan State to the United Nations (UN).


US Government and Media Conceal the Reality of Venezuela

Through this decision, the UN members made a tacit recognition that the government headed by President Nicolas Maduro is the only legitimate government of the Republic of Venezuela. Prior to this formality, Ambassador Moncada has been always the only diplomat representing Venezuela at the UN, even at the most critical moments of the attempts to destabilize the Maduro administration.

The recognition made by the UNGA, which invalidates any claim of former lawmaker Juan Guaido to present himself as "Interim president", was not supported by the United States and its allies, namely Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Israel, Paraguay, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.

Once the resolution was approved, Moncada immediately thanked the representatives of 177 countries for ratifying him once again as the only legitimate and direct spokesperson for the Venezuelan State. "We thank the member states of this Assembly for accepting our credentials, rejecting the colonial aggressions against our country and recognizing the will of our people," he said.

Later, through his twitter account, Moncada reiterated that the UNGA decision "is a victory for international law and for the self-determination of the peoples," a victory against the U.S. attempt to create a "Colonial State" by promoting Juan Guaido as "Interim president."

“Today, the UNGA approved to recognize the credentials of the government of President Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This is a victory for the sovereign people against the colonial aggressions of the United States... Only 16 out of 193 countries refused to recognize President Maduro."

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia also emphasized that the UNGA recognition of the Bolivarian government's diplomatic representative invalidates the opposition strategy led by former lawmaker Guaido, who has taken advantage of the U.S. unilateral sanctions to corruptly and illegally take advantage of Venezuelan assets frozen abroad.

The resolution “is a resounding victory for international law and a slap in the face against imperialist interference and aggression. It is a reality bath for those who persist in giving oxygen to a dying political fantasy to continue profiting from the assets stolen from the country,” Plasencia tweeted.

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