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UN Provides $1 Billion To Improve Haiti's Risk Management

  • Haitians displaced by violence eat in a refugee camp, April 2023.

    Haitians displaced by violence eat in a refugee camp, April 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @enquetaction

Published 21 April 2023

The money will also be used to improve social services, governance, environmental care, and even economic programs.

On Thursday, the Haitian External Cooperation Minister Ricard Pierre and the United Nations Special Representative Maria Isabel Salvador signed a cooperation agreement to promote sustainable development in the country for the 2023-2025 term.


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"This document will accompany Haitian authorities in its response to the main issues affecting their country," the UN said, explaining that the agreement provides US$1.1 billion in cooperation to improve social services, risk management, governance, environmental care, and inclusive economic programs.

"The UN has a broad partnership to achieve these results, which will contribute to the desired transformative change in Haiti,” Salvador stressed, adding that 40 percent of the budget is already available in this Caribbean country.

“Our organization works to strengthen opportunities for peace-building and development and to promote effective respect for human rights, leaving no one behind," Salvador pointed out.

Pierre described the signing of the agreement as an act of compromise. He, however, stressed that there are challenges ahead of its implementation.

“Frank cooperation and full involvement by the actors are needed to achieve the expected results,” he recalled, mentioning that Haiti currently faces an acute security crisis.

According to data cut to March 15, at least 531 people died, and about 300 citizens were injured due to the territorial struggles of the urban armed gangs, which also kidnapped 277 citizens and motivated the forced displacement of thousands of families.

"Gangs’ operations are having a catastrophic impact on the human rights of the Haitian population, especially on children,” UN Secretary Antonio Guterres lamented, recalling that it is difficult to track the aftermath of these operations due to the limitations posed by the security crisis.

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