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  • Women protest against discrimination in Lima, Peru (Photo: Reuters).

    Women protest against discrimination in Lima, Peru (Photo: Reuters).

Published 20 September 2014

Despite an improving economy, violence and discrimination against women has not decreased in the country.

United Nations investigators said on Friday that violence against women is a major and deeply rooted problem in Peru, and that it affects women in their homes, schools, work, and public places.

The announcement was made during the press conference of the UN's group of Discrimination of Women, where the investigators presented the study about violence against women in Peru. 

“We unanimously recognize that violence against women is a general and serious problem in Peru, and it requires urgent measures to be solved,” said the study.

Although the Peruvian economy is one of the most stable in the region with a 5 percent yearly growth-rate, discrimination and violence against women have not decreased in the country.

In 2012, 37 percent of women reported that they were victims of physical or sexual violence, but only four out of 10 of them reported this to the authorities.

“This is one of the highest violence rates against women in the region,” said Frances Raday and Alda Facio, two of the investigators during the press conference.

Many Peruvian women are faced with difficult challenges to achieve justice in the country, especially indigenous women or those that leave in the country during proceedings. 

“They face enormous obstacles due to the high cost of life, the language barriers, the lack of knowledge about their rights, and the mistrust that they have for government and police,” said the inspectors.

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