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UN: Aid to Be Delivered in Sudan Cease-Fire or Not

  • People in Sudan receiving charitable commodities. Jun. 8, 2023.

    People in Sudan receiving charitable commodities. Jun. 8, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@WFP_Sudan

Published 8 June 2023

"But, we need to see an end to the violence and the looting of humanitarian facilities"

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the United Nations reported that no matter the presence or absence of a ceasefire in Sudan, the organization and its collaborative entities will persistently provide humanitarian assistance.


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"But, we need to see an end to the violence and the looting of humanitarian facilities," said Stephane Dujarric, the chief spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres, adding that "even as the fighting continues, we and our partners are scaling up to reach more people in need."

According to Dujarric, within the last two weeks, humanitarian agents facilitated the transportation of no less than 148 trucks containing approximately 7,400 tons of charitable commodities to diverse localities across the nation.

"Our humanitarian colleagues are also dealing with the warring parties to ensure the safety of their colleagues and to ensure the continuation of our humanitarian activities," Dujarric said.

During an ordinary briefing session, Dujarric was questioned regarding the violence in the embattled region of Darfur, despite obstacles in communication; in response, the spokesperson stated that humanitarian personnel of the United Nations remained stationed in the western territory and were carrying out their duties amidst irregular communication facilities.

"The situation currently is that our humanitarian colleagues are putting themselves at risk," he said.

"They are trying to negotiate access on a case-by-case basis. And frankly ... we're able to deliver some aid. But this is no way to run a railroad in the midst of a major humanitarian crisis. We need to see a full stop to the violence, so we can deliver aid to those who need (it) the most immediately," Dujarric stated.

According to Dujarric, the current level of funding for Sudan's humanitarian response plan has garnered less than 16% of the necessary funding, amounting to a little more than 400 million U.S. dollars out of the 2. 6 billion dollars required for this year's response.

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