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UK Police Prepared for King Charles’s Coronation

  • UK policeman. May. 4, 2023.

    UK policeman. May. 4, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@Reuters

Published 4 May 2023

·...anti-monarchists have also scheduled demonstrations within Trafalgar Square..."

On Saturday, on King Charles' coronation, there will be a deployment of over 11,000 police officers across London's streets. The event is the most significant ceremonial gathering hosted in the British capital in the past 70 years. According to officials, these officers are aptly equipped to address any unforeseen occurrence.


King Charles’ Coronation to Feature Historic Chairs

The security forces have been engaged in rigorous and protracted preparations for the forthcoming event, expected to attract an estimated 100 heads of state and numerous spectators. A multitude of military personnel is scheduled to partake in a procession.

Nevertheless, anti-monarchists have also scheduled demonstrations within Trafalgar Square and along the procession route.

According to the Security Minister, Tom Tugendhat, the event in question was deemed one of the most significant security operations that the nation has ever orchestrated, as reported by Times Radio.

"The police are, to put it mildly, all over it, and our intelligence and other security forces are extremely aware of the challenge that we face," Tugendhat said.

The expeditious reaction to an occurrence on Tuesday evening, whereby a man was apprehended for casting what were perceived to be shotgun cartridges outside Buckingham Palace, was indicative of the preparedness for the event, as per Tugendhat's statement on Sky News.

The police conducted a carefully regulated detonation. "We're in no way complacent" Tugendhat said.

Charles and his consort, Camilla, are to be crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan of the London's Metropolitan Police has substantiated the absence of concrete intelligence on any potential security threat towards the occasion.

The predominant concern is expected to be from protesters, who intend to leverage the event as a platform to draw attention to their respective agendas. However, recent legislation ratified earlier this week has conferred additional authority to law enforcement entities in order to manage these incidents.

"What we will not stand for and what we will not have is anyone committing criminal acts in the name of protest," Adelekan said.

"We will come down very swiftly to intervene, to make sure that people that are going about their normal business that just want to enjoy the coronation are not interfered with," Adelekan added.

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