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UK Firm Stockpiling Toilet Papers in Case of No-Deal Brexit

  • U.K. firms stockpiling on toilet paper as a precautionary measure in a scenario of no-deal Brexit.

    U.K. firms stockpiling on toilet paper as a precautionary measure in a scenario of no-deal Brexit. | Photo: Reuters

Published 21 March 2019

U.K. firm is stocking up on toilet papers in case a no-deal Brexit leaves everyone in need of hygiene.

One of United Kingdom’s biggest suppliers of toilet paper is stockpiling toilet rolls as a preparation for a no-deal Brexit. They have stockpiled about 3.5 million rolls in the U.K. warehouses.


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The German firm Wepa had been storing extra 600 tonnes of toilet and kitchen rolls over the last three or four months in order to safeguard supplies in Britain.

The U.K. Prime Minister’s Brexit deal had not passed in the parliament despite multiple attempts. A no-deal will have a disastrous effect on many goods like toilet rolls which U.K. exports.

Prime Minister Theresa May has asked for a three-month delay to Brexit Wednesday to buy time to get her twice-rejected departure deal through parliament, but the request faced immediate resistance from the European Commission.

The company also decided to charter ships from a supplier in Swansea rather than using trucks.

Wepa is one of the latest companies to start preparing for a no*deal Brexit. From car manufacturers to supermarkets and pharmaceutical firms have been stocking up products as well as deciding different supply routes.

“The industry is pretty reliant on imports. We’ve been planning for Brexit since August last year to make sure we maintain our levels of service. What we’ve concentrated on is a hard Brexit. That’s the worst-case scenario for us, where we’d probably see major delays at the border,” Wepa's U.K. managing director Mike Docker said.

A customs check in case of a no-deal Brexit will drive up prices and delay importation.

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