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U.S. Citizens Demand Trump to Halt Sanctions Against Venezuela

  • People express their solidarity with Venezuela in Northampton, Massachusetts April 20, 2020.

    People express their solidarity with Venezuela in Northampton, Massachusetts April 20, 2020. | Photo: The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice

Published 21 April 2020

The Latin America Solidarity Coalition and the Resistance Center for Peace & Justice summoned a rally in Northampton, Massachusetts.

U.S. human rights defenders and citizens Monday organized a car rally in Northampton, Massachusetts to demand that President Donald Trump stop his attacks and sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba, and other peoples of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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“End the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea; and allow Cuban medical staff and medicine to enter our country to help fight the coronavirus pandemic and save lives,” the Resistance Center for Peace and Justice members demanded.

“End the blockade of Gaza; bailout people, not corporations; and fund Medicare for all, not endless wars and the military-industrial complex,” they added.

The rally was organized by the Latin America Solidarity Coalition and the Resistance Center for Peace & Justice. It was co-sponsored by Code Pink and Arise for Social Justice.​​​​​​​

The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice is an independent organization that tracks the activity of military recruiters and weapons manufacturers across Western Massachusetts.

It also organizes migrant justice efforts in both community and courtroom, conducts non-violent action training, and run an immersive and action-based youth internship program.​​​​​​​

On April 16, Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza confirmed that the arbitrary sanctions imposed by the United States against his country are still in force.

"The Trump Administration continues to lie... Our country's resources are blocked. Banks and providers do not work with Venezuela for fear of sanctions,” Arreaza tweeted.

In this way, he rejected a U.S. State Department publication according to which Trump would have ordered to suspend certain sanctions against the Venezuelan people.


Jorge Arreaza
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