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US Wants To Destroy Nuclear Pact, Iran Says

  • IAEA Director Rafael Mariano Grossi accused Iran of being shady on nuclear investigations

    IAEA Director Rafael Mariano Grossi accused Iran of being shady on nuclear investigations | Photo: EFE/Christian Bruna

Published 16 June 2020

The Persian country claims that the U.S. government works only for its benefit and tends to withdraw from agreements that benefit several nations.

The U.S is planning to use the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as a scapegoat to destroy Iran's nuclear agreement agreed upon with several western powers, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Minister Mohamad Yavad Zarif warned on Tuesday.


Iran Urges UN to Prevent the US From Extending Sanctions

In the course of a press conference offered in Moscow alongside his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, Zarif alerted about the U.S. attempts to push the IAEA to neglect its obligations regarding the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (CJAP)

" President Donald Trump Administration has become accustomed to withdrawing from international agreements and institutions. We will not allow him to use IAEA as a tool to destroy the nuclear pact," he said.

Zarif's allegations come a day after IAEA Director Rafael Mariano Grossi accused Iran of not cooperating "immediately and fully" with its inspectors, to clarify some concerns about the activities of two nuclear centers in its territory. In response, the minister referred back to 15 reports issued by the IAEA regarding the Persian nation's nuclear activities, proving its transparency.

"If the Atomic Agency wants to use irrational methods, we will respond appropriately. It's very unfortunate the fact that IAEA is moving to destroy the nuclear pact."

The CJAP is an agreement signed in 2015 between Iran and China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the U.S, Germany, and the European Union. As outlined in the pact, Iran would have to reduce its nuclear power, and, in return, it would be able to keep its peaceful development program ongoing.

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