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  • Last year Hong Kong experienced days of intense independence protests

    Last year Hong Kong experienced days of intense independence protests | Photo: AFP/Anthony Wallace

Published 29 May 2020

Beijing wants the West's hands out of its internal affairs.

China accused the US of taking the United Nations (UN) hostage after Washington and London organized an informal UN's Security Council meeting over a controversial security law for Hong Kong on Friday.


US: Trumps Break Off Ties With WHO

Both the US and British governments head a list of several countries and organizations that have criticized this law, an act that would punish subversion of state power, secession, terrorism, and acts that endanger national security, and would allow Chinese security agencies to operate openly in Hong Kong.

US President Donald Trump yesterday tweeted: "CHINA!," something that could have sent a hint on Washington objectives. On Friday morning, Trump broke US ties with the World Health Organization (WHO) due to China's alleged relationship with the health institution.

The law was pre-passed on Thursday by the National People's Congress (NPC). According to opponents, it would be harmful not only for Hong Kong's autonomy but also for its external perception as a financial hotspot.

The law  "lies in direct conflict" with China's international obligations to guarantee certain freedoms in Hong Kong (...) and it would undermine the 'one country, two systems' framework," the US and Britain stated, along with Canada and Australia on Thursday.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab informed that, in case China went ahead with the law, his government would be willing to offer British citizenship to Hong Kongers.

"We urge the related countries to respect China's sovereignty (and) stop interfering in Hong Kong's and China's internal affairs (...) and the US to immediately stop this senseless political manipulation," foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.

China's relation with Hong Kong, after it was returned by the UK in 1997, is based on the "one country, two systems" way. However, last year Hong Kong experienced days of intense independence protests against Beijing.


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