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Typhoon Doksuri Leaves at Least 11 Dead in China

  • Flooding in China caused by Typhoon Doksuri. Aug. 1, 2023.

    Flooding in China caused by Typhoon Doksuri. Aug. 1, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@nananamedia365

Published 1 August 2023

"...two emergency services workers died while performing rescue work..."

On Tuesday, Chinese authorities said that heavy rains over the city of Beijing have left at least 11 dead and 27 missing.

Typhoon Doksuri Deaths in Philippines Rise to 25

Among those killed by heavy rainfall due to the passage of Typhoon Doksuri through the capital of China are two emergency services workers who died while performing rescue work.

According to Chinese authorities, four members of a rescue team who fell into the water in a rural area are among the missing.

Flooding in Beijing, China, caused by Typhoon Doksuri, has caused 11 deaths in the city and 27 missing.

The rainfall, the heaviest recorded in Beijing in recent years, has affected more than 44,000 people and forced the evacuation of some 127,000 people in the Asian country.

The cities of Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan, Baoding and Xiong'an, near Beijing, have also been affected by heavy rainfall and forced to evacuate thousands of residents.

Because of impending floods, Chinese authorities have activated a red alert and warned of the risk of landslides, mudslides and other geological disasters caused by the rains.

Typhoon Doksuri has been battering China from southeast to north since last Friday, when it made landfall in the eastern province of Fujian with winds of 155 kilometers per hour, after hitting the Philippines, where it left at least 25 victims.

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