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Two New Cases of Femicide Shake Uruguayans

  • According to the Interior Ministry, 20 femicides have been registered since January

    According to the Interior Ministry, 20 femicides have been registered since January | Photo: EFE/Archive

Published 18 April 2018

According to a UN report released in the end of 2012, Latin America and the Caribbeans is the region with the highest rates of gender violence, with 30 femicides registered this year in Uruguay.

Two cases of femicide were confirmed on Tuesday, including that of a 37-year-old mother of two killed by her ex-partner in San Pedro, Colonia.

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An employee of a local store heard gunshots nearby, found her body and called the police, which confirmed her death and found the body of her ex-partner close by, as he allegedly committed suicide after the murder.

Earlier in the morning, a woman was strangled to death in a car by her partner, a police officer who hanged himself in a tree just outside the vehicle, as confirmed the local public attorney Fernando Perez in 25 de Agosto, Florida Province.

On the same day, Uruguay's women's rights group Coordinadora de Feminismos Uy was demanding justice for the femicide of a 29-year-old woman, Cinthia Risso, last Friday in Maldonado, allegedly at the hands of her ex-partner. The Coordinadora warned that more than one femicide occurred every week in the country since the beginning of the year.

The estimate was confirmed by the Interior Ministry, with 20 femicides registered since January —including Tuesday's— meaning that one woman is killed every five days in the country.

However, authorities are still excluding as femicides the cases of Risso, still under investigation, despite Risso's friends claiming that her death could have been avoided. In January, Risso had filed a complaint over gender violence against her then-boyfriend —now a fugitive.

Three other unverified cases are not accounted officially as femicides, as well as the case of a 90-year old man who recently killed his disabled wife, 96.

Patricia Lanzani, head of the Gender Unit of the Attorney General's Office, commented that there had been a “horrendous” increase of femicides in recent years. “This is already April and check the figures we have,” she told El Pais.

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