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Trump Could Return To White House Despite COVID-19 Concerns

  • Donald Trump driving past supporters outside the Walter Reed hospital, Maryland, U.S., Oct. 4, 2020.

    Donald Trump driving past supporters outside the Walter Reed hospital, Maryland, U.S., Oct. 4, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @earnestmary

Published 5 October 2020

"There's some expected findings, but nothing of any major clinical concern," a member of his medical team said.

President Donald Trump's medical team Sunday informed he could be discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to return to the White House today despite difficulties in his medical evolution.


President Trump and His Wife Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Brian Garibald, a member of his medical team, informed that the president presents a possitive evolution and that he can be discharged today and return to the White House, where he will continue his treatment.

"He feels well. He's been up and around. Our plan... is to have him to eat and drink, be up out of bed as much as possible, be mobile," he added.

However, Trump’s oxygen saturation has dropped twice during his stay at the hospital, which prompted the doctors to put him on Dexamethasone, a widely available steroid that has been shown to reduce death in severe COVID-19 cases.

Trump's physician Sean Conley disclosed that his patient was put on supplemental oxygen on Friday following a high fever and his first drop in oxygen levels.

Although the U.S. president has shown no respiratory difficulties and fever since Saturday, Conley pointed out he was concerned about a rapid progression of the disease.

“The president has continued to improve. As with any illness, there are frequent ups and downs over the course,” Conley said.

On October 1, Trump and his wife Melania tested positive to coronavirus after one of his closest advisors Hope Hicks, who traveled with him to a rally in Minnesota to the first election debate in Cleveland, was confirmed with COVID-19.

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