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Trinidad & Tobago Rejects Possible US Intervention on Venezuela

  • Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister Keith Rowley. 2020.

    Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister Keith Rowley. 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @GlobalCaribbean

Published 9 April 2020

Prime Minister Keith Rowley said the Caribbean called for respect for international law.

Besides stressing that his country’s stance on Venezuela has not changed, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Keith Rowley stated that the Caribbean must remain a peace zone and rejected a possible U.S.-led military intervention in the South American country. 


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“Our position remains the same. Trinidad and Tobago remains a part of Caricom and we resolutely defend that position, saying we view the Caribbean as a zone of peace. That has not changed, and we do not expect it to change,” Rowley said.

The Caribbean president emphatically questioned those politicians who request any extraordinary action to resolve political impasses within the countries.

"We continue to reside under the umbrella of the UN, where these matters are not ones of size and strength, but one of compliance with the rules-based principle, where those rules are determined for all," Rowled stressed, as reported by local outlet Newsday.

"We are talking here about non-intervention and absence of military solutions to political problems in this way," he explained.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza thanked Trinidad and Tobago for requesting that international law be respected when the Donald Trump administration harasses his country.

"We appreciate that the government of Trinidad and Tobago, through the voice of his Prime Minister Keith Rowley, calls for respect and compliance with the international principles and regulations protected by the United Nations regarding threats of intervention and use of force in Venezuela," Arreaza tweeted.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thanked U.S. regional allies on Wednesday for supporting the project related to imposing a "transitional government" in Venezuela.

Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Costa Rica are among those countries that support the U.S. intervention plan, which uses military ships in the Caribbean as a mechanism of pressure.

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