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  • Some of the damage caused on Chile's coastal cities after the 8.3 magnitude earthquake Sept. 16, 2015.

    Some of the damage caused on Chile's coastal cities after the 8.3 magnitude earthquake Sept. 16, 2015. | Photo: AFP

Published 21 September 2015

Over 9,000 people are homeless after the 8.3-magnitude quake last week that killed at least 13 people

As Chile continues to be affected by aftershocks of the massive 8.3-magnitude earthquake that hit the country last week, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) another 6.3-magnitude quake was felt in the early hours of this Monday.

No new victims or damages have been reported, as the country struggles to recover from the earthquake that left over 9,000 people homeless, killing at least 13, with four people missing and 480 injured, according to official figures.

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As Deputy Interior Minister Mahmud Aleuy visited the Coquimbo region, the epicenter of last Wednesday's massive quake, officials told local media that only 25 percent of the region has so far been cleaned up, with emergency personnel and soldiers leading the efforts. 
“We hope that by Friday we will have surveyed all of the people who were affected,” Aleuy told the media Sunday. 

Since the main earthquake Wednesday, over 301 aftershocks have been registered, reported the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security (ONEMI) Saturday, with 59 of them noticeable. 

This also includes several smaller but still significant quakes, with two hitting the country again Saturday with magnitudes ranging from 6 to 6.3.   

Millions were evacuated after last week's earthquake as small tsunami waves pounded the coast. 

There are still thousands of homes without electricity and at least 2,400 homes without potable water, mostly in the Coquimbo region, one of the most affected, according to the ONEMI. 

Though the disaster has caused significant damage, it is nowhere near the level of the 2010 quake that rocked the country. The 8.8 magnitude earthquake and following tsunami left over 500 people dead and caused up to US$30 billion in damages. 

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