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Three Killed in Israeli Missile Strike on Damascus

  • Photo of the damage from the Israeli bombing

    Photo of the damage from the Israeli bombing | Photo: Twitter @khalediskef

Published 21 July 2022

The Syrian Defense Ministry said that three military personnel were killed and seven others were wounded on Friday due to an Israeli missile attack on the Syrian capital of Damascus.

A statement issued by a military source affiliated with the Arab country's military body reads that "at 12.23 hours (GMT+3) today, Friday, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression with missile rounds from the occupied Syrian Golan against some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus".

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The note adds that "the Syrian air defenses confronted the missiles of the assailant and shot down some of them; however, the aggression resulted in the death of three soldiers, left seven others wounded and some material losses."

Israel systematically attacks Syrian territory, despite numerous complaints by Damascus to the UN Security Council, in which it points out that these actions infringe on its sovereignty and threaten regional stability.

In turn, Tel Aviv justifies these attacks with the presence of Iranian and Lebanese militias on Syrian territory and allies of Damascus, which it considers a danger to the national security of the Jewish country. 

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