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Several Caribbean Nations Reject Pompeo's Visit to Jamaica

  •  Prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne

    Prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne | Photo: Reuters

Published 21 January 2020

The Caribbean nations are standing in defiance of Pompeo's attempts to split up the region and isolate friendly countries. 

The Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley recently announced that her country was not sending their Foreign Minister to Jamaica in order to attend a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


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Mottley, citing Barbados' commitment to remaining neutral and non-aggression towards other nations, said her government would not take part in the U.S.' attempts to divide the Caribbean region.

"I am conscious that when Errol Barrow stood and remarked that 'we shall be friends of all and satellites of none,' little did he know that that statement would be embraced by every single Prime Minister of government that succeeded him. It is as valid today, perhaps even more so than it was at the time of its initial delivery, Mottley said. 

"As chairman of CARICOM, it is impossible for me to agree that my Foreign Minister should attend a meeting with anyone to which members of CARICOM are not invited. If some are invited and not all, then it is an attempt to divide this region," Mottley added. 

Barbados will not be alone, however, as two more Caribbean nations have joined them in boycotting the upcoming Pompeo meeting.

According to a new statement from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, their government support Barbados' position and will not send a representative to meet with Pompeo in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Keith Rowley, said Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Mottley has his country’s support.

“PM Mottley has the full support of the Government and the people of Trinidad and Tobago in outlining our principles and vision of Caribbean unity. In the expectation of Caribbean unity, the Prime Minister of Barbados speaks for Trinidad and Tobago,” said Prime Minister Rowley.

Also joining Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago is Grenada, who vowed to not attend this meeting that seeks to divide the Caribbean. 

The U.S. has used the Caribbean as a way to isolate countries like Venezuela and Cuba, as the shipping lanes to these two nations have been blockaded by them. 

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