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Thousands Join 'No to Boris, Yes to Europe' March in London

  • Person dressed as Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage holds puppets depicting Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt in London, Britain July 20,2019.

    Person dressed as Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage holds puppets depicting Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt in London, Britain July 20,2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 July 2019

The ongoing Anti-Brexit demonstrations are calling on the government of the United Kingdom to remain within the European Union.

Best for Britain, Scientists for the European Union, National Health Service (NHS) for People's Vote and other social organizations took to the streets to perform the "No to Boris, Yes to Europe" march in London on Saturday.


Labour Leader Corbyn to Demand Second Referendum on Brexit

“Some of the enormous political issues we face today — the climate emergency, cybercrime, violence against women and girls — are truly global; we cannot fight them alone, and we cannot fight them outside of Europe,” said Sandi Toksvig, the Women's Equality Party co-founder, as reported by The Independent.

Through the "March for Change," those who are in favor of the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union (EU) are also rejecting Boris Johnson, the conservative politician who could become Prime Minister next week and supports a "Hard Brexit," that is, the UK's exit from the EU without a previous agreement.

“We’d urge everyone who’s disgusted by Johnson’s views on women, ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ+ communities, tax cuts for the rich to join us in London on Saturday, to send him that message, loud and clear,” the Britain for Europe Chair Tom Brufatto, said.

“We will not allow Boris Johnson to float into Number 10 on a favourable tailwind, or have the summer off, unopposed, after so much hot air on Brexit, with so much at stake,” he said.

During the march, a giant "Boris Blimp" flew over the Houses of Parliament and the streets of London. Inspired by the baby Donald Trump that mocked the U.S. President during his visit to London last month, this childish Boris doll wears a t-shirt with the "£ 350 million" on it, a symbol which alludes to the money that the U.K. would supposedly save if it makes the Brexit.

On July 23, the Conservative Party will announce the successor to Prime Minister Theresa May, who resigned on June 7. The front-runners are Jerremy Hunt, who is the current Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Secretary, and Boris Johnson, of whom President Donald Trump said he would do a "great job" as Prime Minister.

Given that the Labor Party considers both candidates responsible for the ongoing political crisis and division affecting the U.K., Jeremy Corbyn also called on the British to protest on July 25 in front of the Parliament, to demand the new head of government elected by the conservatives who call for general elections.

The United Kingdom is expected to leave the European Union on Oct. 31, an event that is a consequence of the 2016 referendum in which the 52 percent of voters expressed in favor of leaving that economic bloc.

Previously, in March 23, the People's Vote Campaign (PVC) also summoned a massive march in London, which got the support of hundreds of thousands of people who are unhappy about the ineptitude of their legislators.

The PVC asks the U.K. politicians a new referendum that would allow the British to decide directly whether the Brexit should be performed or not.

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