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The Murder of Marielle Franco Remains Unpunished in Brazil

  • Marielle Franco.

    Marielle Franco. | Photo: X/ @edisabela1

Published 14 March 2024

Among those arrested so far are former police officers with ties to far-right politicians in Rio de Janeiro.

On Thursday, human rights defenders and progressive citizens marched through the streets of Rio de Janiero to demand justice for councilor Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes.


Brazil Moves Towards Solving the Marielle Franco Murder

Known for her relentless fight against police violence in the favelas, the socialist and gender activist was shot dead six years ago while she was driving in her car after a political meeting.

Today, dozens of people gathered in front of the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Chamber to ask for clarification of the death of Marielle Franco.

Although the alleged perpetrators of the crime are in prison, judicial and police authorities have so far failed to determine who ordered her murder and what the motives were.

The text reads, "Marielle Franco is not finished. For she became our ancestor. The far-right, however, is unable to understand what she told us: 'I am because we are.' On March 14, 2024, a demonstration for justice at a monument on the Cardeal Arco Verde's staircase in Sao Paulo."

"Franco and her driver were murdered in an ambush in downtown Rio in 2018," newspaper Brasil de Fato recalled, mentioning that former military police officer Elcio Queiroz provided details of the ambush when he was arrested and charged with the crime.

Former military police officer Ronie Lessa, who was accused of being the perpetrator of the shooting, implicated Domingo Brazao, the councilor of the Rio de Janeiro State's Auditors Court, as the person who allegedly ordered the crime.

In this Brazilian city, Brazao is known for being a conservative politician who has relations with far-right militias that act against social activists, the poor, and the Black population.

Through judicial investigations, the criminals detected so far also appeared to be involved with the "family clan" that revolves around former President Jair Bolsonaro.

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