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The European Parliament's Double Standard on Cuba, Human Rights

  • Cuba asserted that

    Cuba asserted that "neither threats nor blackmail will wring from us the slightest political concession. Only the Cuban people can decide their destiny." | Photo: Twitter/@RE_JennRich

Published 14 December 2021

teleSUR English reproduces in full a declaration from Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the manipulative and politicized treatment of human rights in Cuba during the plenary session of the European Parliament this week.

"The right wing in the European Parliament has once again promoted a debate on "the situation in Cuba," which has been scheduled for next Thursday, December 16, as part of the December plenary session.

As a pretext, the alleged situation of a group of citizens who are not defenders of human rights in Cuba, nor do they represent the majority of the Cuban population, is being used. They are people who respond to the interests explicitly stated by the United States government. Their actions have as their main objective to achieve "regime change" in Cuba, to subvert the internal order and destabilize the country at any cost.


Cuba Refuses 'Deceitful & Politicised' US Human Rights Report

Cuba has been debated in three of the last six plenary sessions of the European Parliament. It is the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean that has been discussed so much in that period of time, a sign of the singularization, the manipulation of the human rights issue and the double standards of those who use it with a markedly political background. Such an attitude further discredits the image of the so-called home of European democracy.

None of the latest resolutions approved on Cuba has the minimum decency to mention the impact of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States for more than six decades and which has been intensified in a genocidal and premeditated manner in the midst of this pandemic.

If the MEPs who have promoted this new anti-Cuban maneuver were really interested in the human rights of the Cuban people, they would denounce in the first place the flagrant and systematic violation represented by the implementation of the blockade. Its extraterritorial effects affect, in the same way, the interests of European companies and citizens that the members of the European Parliament should represent.

In spite of the impacts of that hostile policy that suffocates and kills, and the scarce resources available to the country, Cuba has successfully managed to control the pandemic and has been able to produce its own vaccines; thanks to which more than 90% of our population has already been immunized and we have become the first country in the world to vaccinate infants over the age of two. This and many other realities will be omitted, once again, by the right wing in the debate on Cuba.

It is clear that this anti-Cuban maneuver is intended once again to hinder bilateral relations between Cuba and the European Union, and to undermine the implementation of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between Cuba, the European Union and its member states. Dialogue on equal terms, under the principle of mutual respect, non-interference and cooperation constitute the appropriate basis for fostering ties between both parties.

As our Foreign Minister has expressed: "Neither threats nor blackmail will wring from us the slightest political concession". Only the Cuban people can decide on their destiny."

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