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'The Chilean Far-Right Fosters Hatred': Transgender Lawmaker

  • The banner reads,

    The banner reads, "Not a space for fascism," Chile, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @emischneiderv

Published 23 November 2021

Besides seeking the criminalization of the right to abortion, the Christian Social Front presidential candidate defends the discriminatory practices inherited from the dictatorship.

On Monday, Emilia Schneider, the first transgender person elected as a lawmaker in Chile, stated that the LGTBI community and human rights activists are afraid that Christian Social Front politician Jose Kast will be her country’s next president.

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"When these politicians take office, they promote discriminatory speeches and policies, which increase hate crimes against our community," Schneider said, lamenting that Kast overtook left-wing presidential candidate Gabriel Boric by 2,1 percent of the votes in the first round of the Nov. 21 elections.

"While Boric seeks to expand citizens' rights in a stable and dialogue manner, Kast seeks to repeal the Gender Identity Act and criminalize abortion even in case of rape, fetal non-viability, or risk to the mother's life," Schneider stressed.

This transgender lawmaker urged citizens to go to the polls in the run-off election on Dec. 19 and reject the proposal of ultra-conservative institutions that intend to tell Chileans how to live.

"In the face of Kast’s threats, we have to make hope prevail as we did when we voted in favor of drafting a new Constitution and mobilize against social injustices," Schneider recalled.

On Sunday, leftist politicians Marcela Riquelme and Camila Musante were also elected lawmakers and became the first openly lesbian/bisexual women to assume this position in Chile.

"Their victory reaffirms that sexual orientation and gender identity can no longer be subject to censure or discredit to run for public office. We will not lose hope. Chilean people want a change. We know Boric will become president," Homosexual Integration and Liberation Movement (MOVILH) spokesperson Daniela Andrade stated.

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