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The Bologna Town Hall Displays Palestinian Flag on Its Façade

  • Mayor Matteo Lepore, Bologna, Italy, May 29, 2024.

    Mayor Matteo Lepore, Bologna, Italy, May 29, 2024. | Photo: X/ @ultimoranet

Published 29 May 2024

"Remaining silent in the face of this violence means accepting it," Mayor Matteo Lepore said.

On Wednesday, the city council of the Italian city of Bologna displayed the Palestinian flag on its façade to reject the genocide that the Israeli occupation army is carrying out in Gaza.


Palestinian Presidency Blames US For Escalation in Rafah

"As mayor of a municipality historically aligned with peace, non-violence and the protection of human rights, it is my duty to take a stand and act to guarantee the greatest possible social cohesion in our city," Matteo Lepore, a member of the progressive Party Democrat said.

"For this reason we will display the flag of Palestine in the Palazzo D'Accursio, next to the ceasefire banner. Let us participate in favor of the victims and human rights. We cannot and do not want to remain silent," he added.

Since the Zionist offensive began on October 7, 2023, Israeli occupation forces have killed 36,171 Palestinians, 75 percent of whom were women and children. Palestinian authorities estimate that at least 10,000 bodies remain under the rubble without having been recovered.

"Remaining silent in the face of this violence means accepting it. The Israeli government must stop and reopen the dialogue. When this happens and international law is fully restored, we will display the Israeli flag next to the Palestinian flag," the mayor of Bologna stressed.

His decision occurs a day after pro-Palestinian protesters invaded the platforms of the Bologna station to reject the bombings of Rafah, which led to the suspension of train traffic for an hour and a half.

“I offer the municipal spaces available to host the debate and demonstrate in a non-violent way," Mayor Lepore said on Wednesday.


Matteo Lepore
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