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  • Unelected Brazilian President Michel Temer

    Unelected Brazilian President Michel Temer | Photo: Reuters

Published 26 May 2017

Janot argued that Temer, while speaking with businessman Joesley Batista, made an “extrajudicial confession.”

Brazil's Attorney General Rodrigo Janot has officially requested that unelected President Michel Temer's wiretap confessions be accepted as evidence of crimes of corruption, criminal organization and obstruction of justice.

'Out Temer, Elections Now!': New Round of Protests Hit Brazil

Brasil 247 reported that Janot presented Edson Fachin, Lava Jato's rapporteur in the Supreme Court, the official documents to accept Temer's testimony into the ongoing investigations.

According to Globo, Janot argued that Temer, while speaking with businessman Joesley Batista, had ended up making an “extrajudicial confession.”

In his discussion with Temer, Batista, president of Brazil's largest meatpacking company, JBS, had openly discussed paying bribes to Brazil's former speaker of the lower house of representatives, Eduardo Cunha.

The bribes were intended to keep Cunha silent about embarrassing secrets that could jeopardize the legitimacy of Temer's presidency. In the leaked wiretap, Temer is heard telling Batista: “Look, you've got to keep that up.”

An extract from Janot's document outlined that Temer's "spontaneous confessions have the power to prove the existence of the conversation and its content. Apart from the confession, the attorney general has expressed his support for the official investigation into the authenticity of the audio tape.”

Brazil's Temer Govt Revokes Army Deployment Decree Amid Outrage

Janot also requested that the depositions of criminally implicated former Senator Aecio Neves and Parliament member Rocha Loures be scheduled.

Temer and the bulk of his administration are embroiled in a political scandal that gets worse with each passing day.

On Wednesday, only hours after police attacked anti-Temer protesters with pepper spray, tear gas, mounted horses, rubber bullets, and live bullets, Temer ordered the military to patrol the streets for an entire week.

Public outcry forced him to retract his decision in less than 24 hours.

The latest Parana Institute Research poll indicates that 87 percent of Brazilians favor the immediate removal of Temer. The survey also shows that 88 percent favor Temer's impeachment, resignation or removal by the Supreme Court.

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