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  • Protesters wave Workers Party and National flags during a demonstration against unelected president Michel Temer.

    Protesters wave Workers Party and National flags during a demonstration against unelected president Michel Temer. | Photo: AFP

Published 25 August 2017

The party of former presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff said that the Temer government's goal is "pushing Brazil back to the colonial era."

In a Thursday statement, the Workers Party of Brazil denounced the privatization wave announced by the Temer government, saying that the unelected government only serves "big international capital" and called on Brazilians to "resist in all possible ways."

Brazil Central Workers’ Union Holds 4th National Congress

“In the country of the coup, the big decisions are made in Washington and Wall Street, and the order given is to sell and loot Brazil,” the Workers Party said in a statement on Thursday.

The party founded by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva called on Brazilian people to “resist in all possible ways the crimes that condemn the country and future generations to dependence, backwardness and submission.”

The parliamentary coup, which removed the elected president Dilma Rousseff and installed the right-wing unelected government of Michel Temer, “always had as its main purpose the goal of pushing Brazil back to the colonial era, to become a small, dependant country, technologically backward and submissive to the interests of big international capital,” the statement said.

Fire Sale: Brazil's Temer Government To Privatize 57 Firms

The Temer government recently announced the decision to privatize 57 public companies, including 14 airports, 11 lots of electric transmission lines, 15 port terminals, two highways, and several public companies such as the mint, where the country's tickets and passports are produced. According to the government, the neoliberal wave of privatization will raise around US$14 billion for the government to “reduce the bulging hole in the country's public accounts.

However, “in reality,” the Workers Party says, “the real reason for the implementation of these anti-Brazilian measures is to carry out large business deals that only enrich the coup leaders and their partners to the detriment of national interests.”

Workers Party founder and former president of Brazil is currently on a tour, called the “Caravan of Hope” looking to unify resistance against Temer and identify the needs of the people ahead of the 2018 presidential elections.

"When they have nothing to sell, they are going to sell their souls to the devil," the ex-President said recently about the planned privatizations.

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