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TeleSUR Is Granted the 'Homeland Is Humanity' Award

  • TeleSUR celebrates 15 years free on air

    TeleSUR celebrates 15 years free on air | Photo: teleSUR

Published 22 July 2020

The distinction honors organizations performing work that enhance freedom and social justice.

The Network in Defense of Humanity sent a letter to teleSUR president Patricia Villegas to inform her that its members had decided to award the HOMELAND IS HUMANITY distinction to this multimedia channel. Below is that letter:


Intellectuals, Artists Issue Letter in Defense of Venezuela

Dear comrade:

It is an honor to let you know that the Network in Defense of Humanity has decided to grant teleSUR the recognition "Homeland is Humanity."

It is a distinction created by the Network in Defense of Humanity to honor those people, social organizations, or institutions that perform or have done work that enhances the development of human life with equal opportunities, equity, freedom, and social justice.

The Network believes that the news television channel teleSUR, headquartered in Caracas, is worthy of this distinction due to the historic role it has played as a revolutionary communications platform since its founding 15 years ago.

And never has the role that teleSUR plays as a platform of truth to promote and conquer a new democratizing order of information and communication been more valid than it is now.

The Network believes that the search for truth plays a central role in teleSUR's ethics when it comes to producing intelligent and intelligible information.

It is a supreme task assumed with a refined artistic sense, which is why this television plant has been consolidated as one of the best sources of information on the planet.

teleSUR Is an informative bastion whose complexity of objectives and ways of reflecting reality advances in very rough and not infrequently dangerous terrain.

Just as its gravity is also the truth, so is the defense of justice and the fight against any form of discrimination or social exclusion.

In a world hijacked by the media chains of the oligarchy and by the fanatics of single thinking, it is not at all easy to maintain as a tool to gain access to truthful and timely information that is at the service of continental integration.

Telesur is an invaluable verifying mirror to look at our achievements and overcome our weaknesses without making concessions to the discourse of imperial domination.

The Network celebrates Telesur and does so from a position of solidarity and universal perspective, based on the common experience of being born together and sheltered by the imperishable vision of commanders Fidel Castro Ruz and Hugo Chavez Frías.

The Network demands that all imperial violence against the station ceases and calls on the progressive forces of the world to support it and defend its right not only to exist but to consolidate its already transcendental historical role. Defending Telesur is also fighting for the right of the people to express themselves freely.

We congratulate you, your leadership team, the journalists and other colleagues who work at the station and who have never given up in the face of material, financial or technological deprivation, or in the face of threats and marked hostility from the enemies of truth, plurality and diversity of information.

With its creativity, altruism, and professional rigor, the TELEsur collective becomes an example for the world's communicators.

Our channel - because it is also joyfully ours - is celebrating its first fifteen years, driven by the winds of the revolution that inspired it and that will never cease to inspire in its uninterrupted struggle towards the future.

It is a daily battle for freedom and information sovereignty, a semiotic war in which Telesur participates with the weapons of creativity and ethics in the service of humanist emancipation.

Telesur is a great homeland, a growing humanity, memory, and future. By recognizing the results of its work, the Network in Defense of Humanity is honored and committed even more to its historical destiny.

Congratulations, brothers and sisters.

Network in Defense of Humanity.

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