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Syrians Abroad Vote in May 26 Presidential Elections

  • Syrians abroad kick off vote for presidential elections this Thursday.

    Syrians abroad kick off vote for presidential elections this Thursday. | Photo: Twitter/@NewsLatinPress

Published 20 May 2021

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, former Syrian official Abdullah Salloum Abdullah and opposition leader Mahmoud Marai are participating in these elections.

Syrian citizens living abroad will start voting this Thursday in the presidential elections next Wednesday, May 26.

According to the Syrian news agency (Sana) thousands of citizens flocked to the polls established in the embassies in countries such as Lebanon, Australia, India, China, Russia, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, and United Arab Emirates, among other countries.


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Polling centers began receiving voters at 07:00 local time in each country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates had called on Syrian citizens abroad to participate in the elections and thus reaffirm their national belonging and contribution to the construction of Syria.

"What would Syria's enemies say about these images? Thousands of Syrians flock to the Syrian Embassy in Lebanon to vote in their country's elections."

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has insisted that the participation of citizens is a step in favor of Syrian sovereignty against all aggressions and impositions against the Arab country.

The current Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, the former deputy minister of Parliamentary Affairs Abdullah Salloum Abdullah and the leader of the internal opposition Mahmud Marai are running in these elections.

In the last elections in 2014, current President Bashar al-Assad won with 88.7 percent of the popular vote.

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