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Syria: Allegedly Over 100 Injured in Aleppo Gas Attack

  • Syria: Allegedly Over 100 Injured in Aleppo Gas Attack.

    Syria: Allegedly Over 100 Injured in Aleppo Gas Attack. | Photo: Reuters

Published 25 November 2018

Shells fired by militants in the city of Aleppo and allegedly loaded with chlorine-gas, leave over 100 people injured. 

According to SANA news agency, militant shells containing chlorine-gas were fired at the al-Khalidiye and Al Zahraa neighborhoods causing over 100 civilian injuries.


Syria: 11 Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes

Shelling allegedly conducted by insurgents wounded more than 100 people in a suspected toxic gas attack in the city of Aleppo, which has been the first-of-its-kind.

According to the Russian government, the chlorine-gas filled shells poisoned 46 people, amongst them eight children now hospitalized for treatment.

It also stated that the shells had been launched from an area in Idlib, which is considered to be a de-escalation zone managed by Nusra Front Militants, according to Reuters.

For its part, Haaretz news agency reported 107 people were injured after the projectile attacks.

The Syrian government is calling for the United Nations Security Council to take action: “calls on the Security Council to immediately and strongly condemn these terrorist crimes ...(and take) deterrent, punitive measures against the nations and regimes that support and fund terrorism.”

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