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Sweden to Invest in Gotland’s Military Infrastructure

  • Sweden aims at strengthening Gotland's military infrastructure. Apr. 29, 2022.

    Sweden aims at strengthening Gotland's military infrastructure. Apr. 29, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@@Osinttechnical

Published 29 April 2022

Sweden's government has earmarked 163 million dollars to improve the military infrastructure on the Swedish island of Gotland. 

The island is located in the Baltic Sea near the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, which houses the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet and various military defense equipment.

US Will Support Sweden and Finland’s Decision To Join NATO  

Aiming to boost its military capabilities, Sweden has decided to take this step when it is considering joining the U.S.-led military alliance together with Finland. However, a final decision on the matter has not yet been made.  

Financial Markets Minister Max Elger said that "the aim is to be able to accommodate many more recruits and make operations more efficient, and thus contribute to increased capacity on Gotland."

According to Stockholm's plans, the money is to be used to expand barracks on the island and make upgrades to other parts of the infrastructure.

Gotland's regiment was discontinued in 2008, but ten years later, when Western-Russian relations began to worsen, the unit was re-established for service on the country's largest island.   

These plans to invest in the Swedish island's military infrastructure come at a time when Sweden is considering NATO membership, along with Finland, which has expressed concern regarding Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. 

Last February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation in Ukraine following Kiev's non-compliance with the terms of the 2014 Minsk agreements and Moscow's eventual recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. Russia has untiringly said that the operation aimed at the country's demilitarization and denazification. 


Max Elger
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