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Sudanese Prime Minister Still Missing

  • Citizens block the streets, Sudan, Oct. 26, 2021.

    Citizens block the streets, Sudan, Oct. 26, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @politicalHEDGE

Published 26 October 2021

The United Nations asked the dictatorship to immediately release politicians, ministers, a member of the Sovereign Council, and the Khartoum governor.

On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Mariam al Sadeq al Mahdi reported that Prime Minister Abdala Hamdok remains missing after he was arrested by the military who staged the coup on Monday.


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In a message sent to the Foreign Affairs Ministers of other African and Western countries, she stated that the Hamdok administration calls for resistance, condemns the coup, and "will not give in to its unconstitutional statements."

In the early hours of Monday, the military arrested the Prime Minister, his wife, members of the transitional government, and civilian politicians hours before dissolving the Council of Ministers and the Sovereign Council, which was the transition government’s highest institution.

The military then declared a state of emergency and suspended articles of the constitutional document that laid the foundations for the transitional period that began in August 2019 after the overthrow of Omar al Bashir.

On Tuesday morning, Internet access continues to be interrupted and some streets are blocked by barricades erected yesterday by protesters, four of whom died, as reported by the Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan.

The United Nations and several countries have called for the immediate release of the politicians who were detained, among whom are several ministers, a civilian member of the Sovereign Council, and the Khartoum governor.

Arab League Secretary Ahmed Aboul-Gheit also voiced deep concern over the latest developments in this African country, calling on all Sudanese parties to abide by the 2019 constitutional document.

"There are no problems that couldn't be solved via dialogue. It is important to respect all the deals and decisions that have been agreed upon over the transitional period until running the elections in the scheduled times," he said.


Sudan Coup
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