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'Stop Killing Us': Singer 'Miss Bolivia' Launches Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence, Femicides

  • Scene of Miss Bolivia's video clip.

    Scene of Miss Bolivia's video clip. | Photo: YouTube

Published 26 April 2018

"They forced me to be a slave, they forced me to give birth. We want us alive,” the singer denounces in her latest single.

Argentine singer and songwriter Paz Ferreyra, who performs under the name “Miss Bolivia,” has released a new music video titled "Paren de Matarnos" or "Stop Killing Us" as a part of a new campaign against gender-based violence.

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The video for the song, seen as a rallying cry against gender-based violence, femicides and the criminalization of abortion in the country, includes footage of protests against femicides and the latest march to support the legalization of abortion.

Throughout Latin America, women’s movements have demanded the state take action against the rising numbers of femicides and other forms of gender-based violence, and legislate legal access abortions. 

The images in the video are a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by women across the region. At several points, different women sing the lyrics: “I left for work but never went, I left for school and never arrived, I left the dance and got lost, suddenly I was undone. My friends are looking for me, my neighbors have put up posters, my mother, my brother is looking for me… Femicide is in fashion; the judge went to a wedding, the police participate. Stop killing us. Stop.”

Actresses and singers such as Lali Esposito, Sofia Gala, Calu Rivero, Celeste Cid, Nancy Duplaá, Dolores Fonzi, Marilú Marini and all female bands Mimi Maura and Las Taradas have all joined with Ferreyra to make the joint statement in support of women's rights movement.

The song also targets victim-blaming with the lyrics: “They say I disappeared because I was wandering alone because I was wearing a short skirt. They blame me… They forced me to be a slave; they forced me to give birth. We want us alive.”

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