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Stop Attacking Migrants, Destroying Nature: Evo Morales to G-20

  • Bolivian President Evo Morales

    Bolivian President Evo Morales | Photo: EFE

Published 8 July 2017

Since taking office in 2007, Morales has actively defended immigrant rights and has called for global action on climate change. 

Bolivian President Evo Morales took to Twitter on Saturday to offer strong words against the Group of 20, or G-20, which held its twelfth meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

Bolivia Program to Plant 6 Million Trees Across Country

Criticizing increasingly harsh immigration policies in the Global North, the Indigenous socialist leader called for an end to the criminalization of migrants and refugees.

The world does not want “walls against migrants, nor nuclear weapons against life and humanity,” Morales wrote.

“We join the call of Pope Francisco to leaders of the G-20 to solve the struggles of the poor, refugees and excluded.”

Last Month, Morales launched the World Peoples' Conference for a "world without walls" in Cochabamba, calling for an end to anti-immigrant discrimination and hate around the globe. He also demanded respect for the right of all people to benefit from citizenship status. 

The Bolivian leader has also participated in the reactivation of a regional fund meant to provide legal advice and financial support to immigrants living in the United States amid growing crackdowns by President Donald Trump. The fund was launched by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, known as ALBA.

Morales also called on G-20 nations to step up to the plate and address global issues.

“We believe that richer countries must reduce conflict and war that only increases world poverty,” Morales wrote. 

“Humanity has an immense debt to Mother Earth, she gives everything to help us live, but we consume and overexploit without limits.”

Bolivia’s Morales Says 'Most Polluted, Industrialized' US Cannot Deny its Environmental Damage

Slamming Trump, Morales said his Republican-led government needs to do more to address climate change, mentioning that the United States is the most industrialized country in the world.

He also called on the former reality TV star to “open his eyes” to ongoing environmental decay.

Last year, Morales launched a campaign to replant six million trees across Bolivia as part of the “Mi Arbol,” or “My Tree,” program combating deforestation and climate change.

Since taking office in 2007, Morales has actively defended the rights of immigrants and has called for global action on climate change. 

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