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  • A total of 125,954 people have been affected by this year

    A total of 125,954 people have been affected by this year's monsoons across 12 districts, EFE reports. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 May 2018

Over 125,954 citizens from 12 districts have been affected by the torrent of precipitation sweeping the nation.

Monsoons in Sri Lanka have killed 13 this week as heavy rains continue and extreme flooding pushes hundreds of thousands from their homes.

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Over 50,000 citizens took shelter from the rain in the state's 250 refuge centers. While local reports show at least 143 infrastructures have been critically damaged.

"We're hearing that waters are receding but here in Kalutara...what you see is not a lake, not a reservoir, not a sea, but what used to be paddy fields until the deluge of water over the past couple of days," an Al Jazeera correspondent reported.

According to the Sri Lankan Disaster Management Center, a total of 125,954 people have been affected across 12 districts, EFE reports.

State officials warned of possible landslide warnings as the water level begins to drop slightly. However, more rain is expected to continue through June.

One hundred people were killed during 2017’s summer season, while hundreds of thousands were displaced. This year, the state has erected 251 refuge centers, ferries are being used to cart citizens to local hospitals, over 700 military personnel have been assigned to rescue and relief programs while an additional 6,000 soldiers have been put on standby.

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